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Markus Hylleberg

Web development student

I am currently studying the top-up programme Web Development at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology on first semester. I am striving to become a full-stack developer.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark



Technologies used: HTML/CSS/Javascript, jQuery, PHP, AJAX

I recently finished this project for my Interface Design exam. On this website you can sign up and insert all the items of your fridge. This application will then return recipes that match the ingredients you've inserted. This project was highly focused on making the user experience as smooth as possible and keeping the UI as simple as possible. To maintain consistency in our design we make a custom made css-framework and designed every single page in Adobe XD before coding a single line of code. The homemade css-framework and detailed mockups from XD helped me to quickly setup the entire site. Please click Code if you want to try it out.


My Virtual Pantry

Technologies used: HTML/CSS/Javascript, jQuery, PHP (PDO), AJAX, MySQL

This project is a result of my recent exam in Databases. We build the backend and database for our front-end project Limeless. On this application you can handle all the users of the Limeless application as well as their custom pantries, ingredients, recipes, creditcards, payments and much more. All this data is stored in a SQL database - and we use PDO to access and execute queries in our database. Please note the frontend design is meant as a joke!



Umbrella Estates

Technologies used: HTML/CSS/Javascript, jQuery, PHP, AJAX

This project is a result of my course in PHP. I've build a website where you can sign up as a user or an agent. As an agent you're able to sell and manage our appartments and houses. As a user you're able to like and save your favorite appartment/house to your profile. This application works as a full CRUD system for agents - both their real estates and profiles are fully editable. I've also implemented a map where you easily can select the appartment of a specific area you're intrested in. All the data is stored within a data.json file - and all the PHP-API's of the application are validated. Please click Code if you want to try it out.



Technologies used: HTML/CSS/SVG-animation/Javascript

This project is my final project for my Multimedia Design and Communication studies. I did a redesign for a local beerbar located in Copenhagen. The concept of this beerbar is that they always have 12 different homebrewed beers on taps. Ølsnedkeren already updated their beerlist at a social media for beer enthusiasts called Untappd. We figured that we wanted to visualize this list on their website using the Untappd API and svg animations, our javascript then loop through the API and bases the colour and glass type on the entries we get from the API. The application is now live and used by Ølsnedkeren with WordPress.

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